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Are you looking to get a comprehensive home inspection before purchasing a new home? Is your insurance company requiring another home inspection to help reevaluate your rates? Florida Premier Inspectors is a professional, experienced inspection company in Miami that can complete an inspection and send you the report on the same day! Our staff members are thoroughly trained and have an eye for detail when it comes to conducting comprehensive inspections, so you can rely on us when you need the job done quickly and efficiently.

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Our Inspection Services

Our staff members are trained to identify small issues that will become big issues if not treated or repaired immediately. For that reason, we take our time during inspections. We offer the following professional inspection services:

Home Inspections. We can complete a full-scale inspection of your home, from the roof to crawl spaces, and then provide you with a comprehensive report that explains our findings.

Condo Inspections. Get your condo inspected by the fast, thorough professionals at Florida Premier Inspectors.

Mobile-Home Inspections. Ensure that your mobile home is meeting all safety standards with a comprehensive inspection from Florida Premier Inspectors.

Pool Inspections. ensure your pool is safe to go in after the off-season

Roof Inspection. Moisture through your roof can wreak havoc on your home. Make sure the roof over your head is sound with professional roof inspection services.

Thermal Imaging. Thermal imaging uses advanced technology to reveal issues that go undetected to the naked eye.

Wind Mitigation. Benefit from reduced insurance premiums with a certified wind mitigation report.

4 Point Inspection. 4-Point inspections are required to obtain or maintain home insurance in the state of Florida

Renters Inspection. Get a professional inspection done prior to deciding to become an occupant

Crawl Space InspectionsCrawl spaces are often damp and dark, which is a great environment for destructive substances like mold to thrive.

Connect and Let Florida Premier Inspectors Inspect

Inspections are important because they give you the information necessary to make informed decisions about your home. We know that all homes have some issues, no matter how new they are. Our job is to help you identify the most pressing issues so that you can start taking care of them right away. For high-quality inspection services, contact Florida Premier Inspectors today. We will inspect your home quickly and efficiently so that you have more time for the important things in life!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer your questions!

How long does an inspection take?

A typical inspection takes approximately 1-2 hours. We then take about 2-3 hours to complete the report and send it over the same day. However, if the inspection is completed at the end of the day, the report will not be sent until the next business day.

How fast will I get my inspection report back?

Our team is proud to complete inspection reports and get them back to the client the same day! These reports typically take about 2-3 hours to complete. However, it is important to understand that if the inspection is completed at the end of the day, the report will be sent the next business day. No matter when the report is sent, it will be sent on Spectoro. This platform will send you both a text message and an email with the report details!

Do you offer any specials if I get an inspection and do not purchase the home that was inspected?

Florida Premier Inspectors offers something known as a buyer’s guarantee. This means that if you need an inspection on a home that you are looking to buy but the contract does not go through, we will back you with $100 off your next full home inspection.

What are your prices?

Our inspections start at $199. This includes mitigation and 4 point inspections/insurance inspections. Apartment inspections start at $249, and single family home inspections start at $399. To learn more about our prices, take a look at our pricing page or contact us today!

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 Florida Premier Inspectors is a professional, reputable home inspection company in Miami, FL that stands out because of the following:

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What Our Customers Say

"I had a home inspector come out from another big company and they wrote me a wind mitigation for my insurance company. I had to change insurances so I called Florida premier inspectors and they sent out Roger. Who took one look at the other home inspectors previous wind report and instantly found mistakes that ended up costing me more on the insurance policy. I just submitted the papers to the insurance and FLORIDA PREMIER INSPECTORS PUT OVER $1000 IN INSURANCE SAVINGS BACK IN MY POCKET . THANK YOU ROGER !!"

- Marcelo P.

"Roger and Gabriel are now my go-to home inspectors. If you're looking for friendly, punctual and professional home inspectors, give them a call. I like how they use tools such as the infrared thermal imaging and the drone for roof inspections. Roger and Gabriel were able to answer all my questions and they responded quick to my emails. I will definitely refer them to my friends and family!"

- Jennifer R.

"Florida Premier Inspectors was first recommended to me by a close friend, as I was looking for a highly professional company to work with. Florida Premier Inspectors met and exceeded my expectations, they provided a quality inspection along with a verbal explanation in layman's terms detailing the findings along with some of the best customer service I've ever seen. Their team did a fantastic job, will definitely be working with them again." 

- Jorge B.

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