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The Florida Premier Inspectors Process

Florida Premier Inspectors follows a very custom and thorough process when it comes to our inspection services. The steps every inspector follows are outlined in detail below, so you can know what to expect when we arrive on your property:

1. The client calls the professionals at Florida Premier Inspectors.

Homeowners will call our friendly, experienced staff members to discuss our services and address any initial questions and/or concerns they may have.

2. The inspection is scheduled using Spectora.

Once the homeowner and our staff agree on a date and time that works for both parties, we will schedule an appointment through Spectora. This will send the client both an invoice and inspection agreement via text message and email. The inspection will likely be scheduled for the same day or for the next day!

3. Inspection day will begin!

One of our professional inspectors will arrive on the property. He/she will then perform the inspection, which will take approximately 1-2 hours. This depends on the size and complexity of the property. 

4. We will write and submit the inspection report on the same day as the inspection.

At Florida Premier Inspectors, we work hard to provide our clients with same day inspection services. In order to uphold this, our inspectors take approximately 2-3 hours to write the report following the inspection. We will then send the report by the end of the business day, or the next day if your inspection was completed late in the day.

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"I had a home inspector come out from another big company and they wrote me a wind mitigation for my insurance company. I had to change insurances so I called Florida premier inspectors and they sent out Roger. Who took one look at the other home inspectors previous wind report and instantly found mistakes that ended up costing me more on the insurance policy. I just submitted the papers to the insurance and FLORIDA PREMIER INSPECTORS PUT OVER $1000 IN INSURANCE SAVINGS BACK IN MY POCKET . THANK YOU ROGER !!"

- Marcelo P.

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